A debate on the marquee free agent of 2017.

As everyone knows by now, the Leafs are a very talented offensive team with clear defensive weaknesses. As the Leafs’ two best defencemen—Jake Gardiner and Morgan Rielly—are both left-hand shots who usually play left side, the obvious hole is for an top-pair right-shooting defenceman.

The shot was waved off, with the referees deciding the foul had come before Diaw went into his shooting motion, and it was the right call. Diaw clearly only started his shooting motion after he was grabbed. But where people can reasonably get annoyed is that some NBA referees have allowed much more generous continuation calls this season, especially with star players. I even wonder if referees would have sided on giving Diaw the shot if it had happened earlier in a game, though obviously no one can say that for sure.

But ultimately, it was the right call. Here’s a screenshot; when Diaw is grabbed, he hasn’t even collected the ball from his dribble yet.

Diaw missed the first free throw and hit the second, which was followed by J.J. Redick missing a free throw and also missing the second. Needing a three-pointer, Gordon Hayward sailed an attempted half court pass out of bounds, and the Clippers held onto a 111-106 win.

I am sad that this moment wasn’t a magical one for Diaw, because he Cheap Google Jerseys deserves all the good things in this world. But there’s time left in this series for that, and it doesn’t have to come at the expense of a bad call.

Jackson was a McDonald’s All-American out of high school who tested the draft Cheap Germany Soccer Jerseys waters last year by coming to the combine. NBA teams told him he needed to improve as a shooter and get more athletic, and that’s exactly what he did in his junior season. UNC got a national championship out of it and Jackson made himself a lot of money by boosting his draft stock. Sometimes it’s OK to go back to school.

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