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Atl tico s approach to this match wasn t particularly exciting, but after coming out of the first leg with a two-goal aggregate lead and four away goals, the way Diego Simeone set his team up was the right one. Atl ti were set up in a way specifically meant to frustrate and counter Baye Cheap Jerseys NCAA Basketball tactics, and it worked to perfection.

The Spanish team s defense was set up in a way meant to suck in pressure and draw Bayer s midfield up the pitch and into a slightly wider base, then when they inevitably won the ball back Atl ti had huge lanes to counter through. And while they didn t quite have the firepower they normally do in attack to take full advantage of those counters, Atl ti were content to use them to throw Bayer off balance and let the Cheap Jerseys Make Your Own clock tick away.

Was it attractive football? Not really. But it was incredibly effective, and allowed Atl tico to see out their win in this tie with ease, leaving their squad with plenty of energy as they turn their attention to a crucial series of matches in La Liga in the coming weeks. That s just smart management, and that s Diego Simeone s hallmark.

All-American cornerback and 2017 NFL draft prospect Jourdan Lewis has been charged with assaulting his 20-year-old girlfriend early Wednesday morning, according to

Ann Arbor police Detective Lt. Matthew Lige told MLive that officers were called to Lewis residence 1 a.m. ET Wednesday morning after the cornerback s girlfriend called and said there was a physical altercation. Officers on the scene said it wasn t clear if there was an assault or who the aggressor was, but after an investigation Lewis was charged with misdemeanor assault.

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