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The New York Jets have alternated wins and losses on a weekly basis this season, winning in Weeks 1, 3 and 5 and falling in Weeks 2, 4 and 6. Being that it’s an odd-numbered week, Matt Ufford Cheap Jerseys NFL Nike thinks they’re due for a win over Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, who are emotionally exhausted coming off their last-second victory over the Saints last Sunday. After all, you can’t beat a Ryan brother in back-to-back weeks, right?

Jones is the chairman of the NFL Network committee, and despite his clarifying statement, he appears to support the doubleheader idea. Whether or not that means the potential schedule change will gain traction remains to be seen. Many players and coaches would prefer not to have any more Thursday night games, but it will be out of their hands. According to Jones, the NFL Players Association would have no influence on a decision one way or the other.

Cincinnati quarterback Andy Dalton has gotten his fair share of criticism over the years, but he silenced some of them last week when the Bengals defeated the Bills in overtime and launched into first place in the AFC North for the first time in four years.

Talk of Robert Griffin III’s mediocre play has dominated newspapers and talk shows in D.C., but the Redskins have plenty of problems outside of quarterback play. The offensive line has been awful, and the defense ranks toward the bottom of the league in both total defense and rushing defense.

The Bears opened 3-0 before dropping a pair of games to the Cheap Jerseys MLB Lions and Saints, but got back on track in tight win over the Giants in Week 6. They currently sit tied with Detroit atop the NFC North, though the dangerous Packers are lurking one game back at 3-2.

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