Oklahoma City Thunder narrowly avoid embarrassing home preseason loss to Melbourne United

Russell Westbrook said Saturday that he wasn’t expecting “s—” from Melbourne United of Australia’s professional basketball league. He definitely wasn’t expecting a one-point win as the Thunder needed two blocks in the final six seconds from Josh Huestis to hold on 86-85.

“They did a good job,” Westbrook said. “They did a good job.”

With Paul George playing 39 minutes, Carmelo Anthony playing 31 and Westbrook playing 28 — all highs for the preseason — the Thunder struggled to find much rhythm or consistency against the scrappy Australian side. George hit just five of his 17 shots, Anthony went 6-of-19, and Westbrook was 3-of-10. That’s a combined 30.4 percent effort from the trio.

Just after the start of Anthony’s second season, on Black Friday in 2004, the brand launched the Melo 1.5. Playing off his Nuggets No. 15 jersey number at the time, it was an approach that would bridge some of the most iconic models of the Air Jordan franchise, in this case the I and II, with then-modern technology and construction.

“I actually originally designed the 5.5 first, and then we decided to start from the beginning with the 1.5,” said Edwards, who designed the first five models of the Melo line before handing it off his protégé, Justin Taylor.

The end of the Jordan Melo series is bittersweet news for Edwards, as he and Melo came up in the sneaker game together, but it’s an era he’ll always look back on fondly. If he had known the line was close to being phased out, he would’ve liked to work with Anthony one last Cheap NFL Jerseys Paypal time.

“I’ve never mentioned this to anyone before, but I wanted to design his last signature since I did the first one,” admits Edwards, who left the company in 2011 to found a Cheap Baseball Jerseys Kids footwear design school. “I would’ve done it for free because I loved working with Melo.”

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