Phil Jackson met with Frank Vogel about Knicks’ job

Jackson last month laid out some criteria for his coaching search. The team president made it clear that he’s fully committed to running the triangle offense and will look mostly at candidates who have a prior relationship with him.

Vogel did not run the triangle offense in Indiana but has spoken publicly about his respect for Jackson in the past.

“From the standpoint of studying the NBA game, I was always a big fan of Phil Jackson and his approach,” Vogel told the Indianapolis publication Nuvo in 2013. “Obviously he had great players, but there were a lot of coaches with great players that didn’t win at the level he did. That was a big reason why I hired [Pacers associate head coach] Brian Shaw. He was as close to Phil as anyone could be and I thought I could rely on that experience and it’s been awesome.”

Joe Maddon defends ‘cyborg’ Jake Arrieta, pokes fun at Pirate

CHICAGO — The Chicago Cubs continue to maintain that it was purely accidental when Jake Arrieta hit Jung Ho Kang of the Pittsburgh Pirates with a pitch on Saturday — and any implication otherwise is absurd.

“That’s how I would answer Mr. Locke. I really believe that Jake was not trying to throw four consecutive balls to him when he was hitting. I don’t think he was intimidated by Mr. Locke being at the plate and was really trying to throw a strike.”

Maddon then had a little fun and said it’s easy to forget Arrieta is human the way he has been pitching.

“He definitely has a cyborg look about him, no question,” Maddon said. “When you watch him out there, I could definitely see Arnold Schwarzenegger at his best out there, just going through this pitching delivery motion and throwing pitches exactly where he wants all the time. But I think even Arnold messed up a couple of times as the Terminator.

“The thing I find interesting is hitters get hit by pitches all the time. It’s a part of the game and I would say 99.9 percent of the time it’s unintentional and then when somebody wants to bring it to the forefront, that’s their right to do that, but … I think Jake actually said it, you’ll know when he’s wanting to hit someone.

“He was obviously distraught that he had done it; he didn’t want to do that. I think he would have been more Arnold Schwarzenegger-esque had it been intentional.”

The gap between Newton’s and Manning’s uniform numbers — 17 — is the largest such gap in Super Bowl quarterback history. The previous record was set two years ago in Super Bowl XLVIII, when Manning wore No. 18 and Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson wore No. 3.

Some in coaching circles have described Rambis’ eventual hiring as a foregone conclusion, though league sources say that is inaccurate. The Knicks’ meeting with Vogel, which was earlier reported by the New York Daily News, would seem to bolster that point.

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