the villains are the weakest parts of the series.

The climaxes of these story arcs always occur conveniently when Buddy’s team is about to play the championship game. Every time he goes missing, everyone is worried that their team is going to lose. But it never feels like things will truly go wrong, because everything always works out in the end and Buddy’s team wins.

Aside from Snively, the villains are the weakest parts of the series. Their only purpose is slapstick comedy. I wish they created suspense out of the sports scenes instead, but maybe I’m asking for too much. These are kids’ movies, and you can’t deny kids the chance to see two guys drive off a ramp and into a mud pool.

It turns out it’s not that far-fetched to play with or against a dog. Buddy is capable of making baskets, steals, assists, and sometimes he can get rough — shout out to the first movie’s bully, Larry Willingham, for getting wiped out by a dog.

The villain in the first movie, Norm Snively, actually had a direct relationship to Buddy. He was Buddy’s abusive owner — Buddy’s origin story exists because of him. Snively worked as a terrible party clown, and Buddy was his sidekick. During Reebok Cheap Jerseys a children’s birthday party, Buddy gets rough during a ball trick, and the both of them cause a mess at their client’s house. Snively gets angry and threatens to send Buddy to the pound, but Quality Cheap Jerseys Buddy escapes after falling out of an open truck bed.

After that, Buddy makes a connection with Josh Framm and his family and becomes famous in town for his dog tricks. Snively learns about this and tries to steal him back for his traveling act. Snively is the only villain in the franchise who gives the story any stakes.

It even went to overtime even after Shaq fouled out of the game for fouling Kobe. How perfect is that? Shaq got the admiration from the Lakers and it turned into animosity after that whistle for the sixth foul. Fans at Staples Center got to both love and hate Shaq in the span of four quarters, and I learned that basketball can tell some beautiful stories.

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