Thomas spent his childhood in Australia. His Decembers and Januarys were spent in the waves at the beach

Born in Chicago, Thomas spent his childhood in Australia. His Decembers and Januarys were spent in the waves at the beach, occasionally being swarmed by seagulls. He was big — not quite the 6’3, 275-pound monster he is today, but bigger than all his friends. With a daily regimen of potato chips and Xbox, it wasn’t good weight, and by the time his family moved back to the United States and settled in Coppell, Texas, he was an overweight tween who couldn’t even run a mile. Even without a traditional Lone Star State background in athletics, his teachers and coaches recognized his potential straight away

“The Solomon in the locker room, the Solomon in the classroom and community, is not the Solomon when they say ‘set hut,’” high school coach Steve Fex agreed.”This guy becomes a different guy; that guy is violent and mean and serious. He just resonates through the whole team.”

But Thomas’ high school career didn’t come without heartache. He was motivated and driven to succeed by teammate Jacob Logan, who passed away unexpectedly in the middle of the 2012 season. Thomas took it upon himself to fill the void Logan, a locker room leader, left behind. He addressed his teammates with compassion and passed on the lessons he’d learned from the young man he’d called his best friend.

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Reggie Wayne picks a QB other than Luck or Manning as hardest passer

Congratulations are in order for Curtis Painter. On Tuesday, Reggie Wayne gave him an unofficial award that pertains to playing quarterback.

When Wayne was asked about who threw the hardest passes, he didn't name Andrew Luck or Peyton Manning (before his arm stopped functioning like a normal arm last year). He also didn't name Tom Brady, who threw to Wayne this past summer during Patriots training camp. Instead, Wayne chose Curtis Painter.

It's 2016, and we're talking about Curtis Painter.

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