Chip Kelly’s moves driving sporting goods stores nuts … with jerseys

Eagles fans are apparently not the only ones whose heads are spinning thanks to Chip Kelly’s wheeling and dealing this offseason. Philadelpia-area sporting goods stores are apparently being driven off the walls by Chip’s moves as well, not knowing which jerseys to start selling because they don’t know if anyone that’s on the roster today will still be there by the time the jerseys hit the racks. spoke to some sporting goods store managers around the Philadelphia area about this very issue. One of them, Frank Sanders of Lids in the Cherry Hill Mall, said, “I don’t know what Chip Kelly is doing. So, yeah, I’m a little nervous getting anything in here just yet.” Specifically, stores don’t know whether to start stocking Sam Bradford jerseys or hold back in case the team moves him in a potential deal for former Oregon QB Marcus Mariota on draft day.

And instead of selling threads of the team’s new acquisitions, these stores are trying to get rid of some older jerseys that fans may no longer have a use for.

Here’s what else you won’t see at Modell’s or anywhere else, at least yet: jerseys of the other big offseason acquisitions, Kiko Alonso and Byron Maxwell. Here’s what you will see: racks and racks of jerseys with the names Foles, McCoy and Maclin on the back, in all sizes, under signs advertising discounts of up to 70 percent.
Right now, one of those McCoy jerseys runs just $20, which has led Sanders to try out a new sales pitch for those jerseys based on the fact that he’s the franchise’s all-time leading rusher. “That’s what I tell people who try to return their jerseys,” Sanders said. “When he’s (McCoy) done playing, you can wear it the way people wear Reggie White jerseys now. He’ll still be the all-time leader.” That’s actually not a bad pitch at all.

Zolak & Bertrand: Producer Jim Louth’s Jersey Curse

When it comes to athletic jerseys, if it wasn’t for bad luck, Zolak & Bertrand producer Jim Louth would have no luck at all.

Jim is a big sports fan, and who doesn’t like jerseys?

Jim has bought and been the recipient of many jerseys over the years, and most of them have led to catastrophic, season-ending injuries or just flat-out releases.

It really is unbelievable.

Critics will say, Oh quit being superstitious! There’s no such thing as curses.


The curse goes back to 1996.

Jim wore no. 33 growing up, and right before the playoffs he bought a Sam Gash jersey, who blew out his knee in the AFC Championship game.

“I actually had to write down a list because there’s so many of them,” Louth said Wednesday afternoon.

With Darrelle Revis signing back with the Jets, he’s just one of the many jersey curses in the Jim Louth collection, which also includes Andy Katzenmoyer, Terry Glenn, Tebucky Jones, Laurence Maroney and many more.

Hardy later chimed in: “You should buy a Clay Buchholz jersey.”