It gives teams the choice on what to pay less productive, younger players.

It allows comprehensive team-building in July. Rookie additions would be made in concert with other player movement decisions. This again will bolster well-managed, deliberate teams. Right now, teams draft and trade players in late June and only then deal with free agents (their own and otherwise) in July. Teams would be better-suited to build their teams in a unified period.

It gives players the choice on where to play. This will definitely hurt incompetent teams. Good! Get more competent so you can attract better players.

It gives teams the choice on what to pay less productive, younger players. The current rookie salary scale is rigid. The No. 1 pick in a really good draft makes roughly the same as the No. 1 pick in a really bad draft. Some years come with multiple players worthy of the No. 1 pick’s higher salary. Most years don’t. Contracts should reflect talent instead of an arbitrary ladder based on the order in which players are picked by teams.

Open-season recruiting works mostly fine in college football, if you’re one of the top 15 or so powers. In the NFL, everyone would have the same money to spend, though.

In 2012, the Falcons were missing a first-round pick and a fourth-round pick thanks to the blockbuster trade with the Browns to move up to get Julio Jones in 2011. The team had needs on Cheap Jerseys Shop both sides of the ball, and without a full slate of picks, the pressure was on to use each one wisely. They didn’t.

Neal was second on the team last season in tackles, behind fellow rookie Deion Jones. Jones has blazing speed, but he’s undersized by conventional middle linebacker standards. Because of that and his limited starting experience at LSU, he was a third-round projection. Atlanta got him in the second round, but again, it worked out. Jones’ name even entered the Defensive Rookie of the Cheap Jerseys Vip Year conversation thanks in part to his three regular-season interceptions, two of which he returned for touchdowns.

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