Lonzo Ball’s first signature shoes are here

Of those lineups, one in particular should terrify the rest of the NBA: LeBron James at point-center with four knockdown shooters surrounding America Cheap Jerseys him. We’ve seen a variation of it in the past — the Cavaliers destroyed teams last season with James at power forward and Channing Frye or Kevin Love at center — but this one with James taking over as the biggest player in the lineup packs an extra punch that few teams can handle. After all, with the amount of spacing on the floor, James can easily make plays for himself with the ball in his hands or be used as a rim-runner in pick-and-rolls.

As soon as a second or third defender get involved in an attempt to slow him down, James can obviously kick it out to one of four shooters on the 3-point line.

Even if the Cavaliers don’t flip a switch and become the defensive team they were last season, it’s those sorts of lineups that’ll help Baseball Jerseys Cheap them make their third consecutive appearance in the NBA Finals. James is still the best basketball player in the world and only the Warriors have the personnel to match up with him when he becomes the most versatile center in the NBA — in theory, at least. We’ll see what Paul George and the Pacers have up their sleeves first.

Lonzo Ball isn’t a professional basketball player yet, but he already has his own signature shoes.

The top-five NBA Draft prospect on Thursday unveiled his first line of kicks in collaboration with his father LaVar’s Big Baller Brand.

The ZO2 Prime comes with a $495 price tag, while the ZO2 Slide costs $225.

If you’re a superfan of the former UCLA standout, you can even purchase an autographed pair dubbed the ZO2 Wet for the reasonable price of $995.

Be sure to get the correct size, though, because Big Baller Brand says it won’t be issuing any refunds or exchanges.

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