Numb fingers and pinched genitals might explain the Mets’ pitching woes against Colorado

In the latest occasion of the Mets being the Mets, they lost Thursday’s game against the Rockies 5-4 due to a walk-off walk. It wasn’t just any shrimp either, as ball four for the Mets came courtesy of a Hansel Robles pitch that flew all the way to the backstop after he was ahead in the count 0-2.

So, not great but also pretty much a perfect summation of the Mets’ pitching this season.

Full-page thank you notes are par for the course at this point in sports, but as long as they are executed correctly and come off sincerely, it’s still worthwhile and a nice gesture.

Darvish’s ad thanking Rangers fans notes how he could have never adjusted to the environment change from Japan to the United States without their full support and that fans, teammates and team staff were always his top priority while with the team — despite what some may think about his overwhelming focus on getting strikeouts.

He also admits his “biggest regret” before leaving, which is that he gave up 10 runs in his last outing as a Ranger.

At age 23 Ichiro Suzuki was just finishing his third straight full season in Cheap Lions Jerseys the NPB and had just won his third straight MVP award. Had Ichiro, Orix, and the Mariners been able to orchestrate a more agreeable (and hopefully less ultimately tragic) version of the deal Hideki Irabu and the Chiba Lotte Marines worked out with the Padres and Yankees, Ichiro could have joined Seattle Cheap Miami Heat Jerseys in the beginning of his prime and changed the face of a team that underwent a series of facelifts prior to the turn of the century. Re-imagining the 1997 Seattle Mariners with Ichiro Suzuki requires a casino’s worth of cards to fall in place, but what a flush it would have been.

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Reggie Wayne picks a QB other than Luck or Manning as hardest passer

Congratulations are in order for Curtis Painter. On Tuesday, Reggie Wayne gave him an unofficial award that pertains to playing quarterback.

When Wayne was asked about who threw the hardest passes, he didn't name Andrew Luck or Peyton Manning (before his arm stopped functioning like a normal arm last year). He also didn't name Tom Brady, who threw to Wayne this past summer during Patriots training camp. Instead, Wayne chose Curtis Painter.

It's 2016, and we're talking about Curtis Painter.

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