Oakland could go either way with their burly run stopper.

With the Dolphins showing zero-man pressure (no safety help in the middle of the field), and bringing two extra rushers (orange circles), Garoppolo has to quickly find his target and get the ball out. However, in order for Amendola (yellow circle) to beat the coverage and gain leverage inside (no defensive help over the top), Garoppolo buys his receiver a little extra time by giving ground in the pocket. He throws off his back foot as Amendola separates from the coverage. And it’s a money toss.

We always talk about mechanics and the proper throwing platform with the position, but I really like this example because it shows us that quarterbacks have to vary their techniques to find open targets. This is a positive from my perspective. Find a way to beat the coverage and the blitz when you don’t have the numbers up front.

The biggest cap savers on the Oakland roster are all essential to the team’s success. Cutting Sean Smith and David Amerson, for example, would save the Raiders nearly $17 million, but also dissolve the team’s cornerback tandem. Further down the list is Williams, a part-time starter at nose tackle whose contributions have waned as he reaches his age-30 season.

Williams can still be a contributor, but would produce $4.5 million in cap savings if released. Oakland could go either way with their burly run stopper.

Mitchell is set to cost Pittsburgh $8.1 million in cap space next season, and while he wasn’t the main reason for the Steelers’ middling pass defense in 2016, he failed to live up to his contract. Cutting the starting safety would leave a gap in the defense, but also create significant savings the team could put toward re-signing Le’Veon Bell and chasing a solid safety market in free agency. With defensive backs being a strength in the upcoming draft, Mitchell could be expendable — though not nearly as much as Jones or Griffin.

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