Sheldon Richardson says Brandon Marshall quit on Jets last season

Sheldon Richardson is not through criticizing Brandon Marshall.

The Jets defensive lineman referred to his former teammate as a locker room drama queen during an interview Monday with The Michael Kay Show on New York radio station ESPN 98.7.

“Guys didn’t address the situation at hand that needed to be addressed to him, as far as who he was with the media perspective,” said Richardson. “(There) were some things he did, just little things that are drama queenish and he’s dogging out this guy and that guy. It’s everybody else’s fault except his.”

Richardson admitted he “might be a problem to the front office” with a pair of suspensions for off-field incidents. But he added that he has matured and learned from those mistakes and has always been a good teammate in the locker room.

“So I would hope as a league, just like we do everything else, that we look for ways to get more efficient and to do things in a better way. I’m not being critical.

“These things, we’re obviously in new territory when we started our own investigative team at the NFL level. It’s not like we’ve been doing this like we’ve been playing games and things of that nature, so just as we do everything we look at ways to improve it. Hopefully we’ll be better at this as we move forward in the future.”

And while Jones says the league has taken too long, he also dismissed a remark Monday by Hall of Famer Cris Carter that Elliott would be suspended in “the next 48 hours.”

In fact, Jones said the Cowboys remain hopeful that Elliott will avoid any suspension: “Hopefully we’ll have Zeke for the full 16. That’s what we’re counting on.”

Columbus, Ohio, prosecutors didn’t press charges against Elliott following a six-week investigation into allegations of domestic violence made against Cheap Jerseys Make Your Own him last July by a former girlfriend.

Elliott has since had other off-field incidents that may Cheap Jerseys Kids be drawing league scrutiny, team owner Jerry Jones hinted last week.

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