This minor leaguer struck out so hard he fell down

Back in 2011, Beltre had a three-homer game against the Rays. During his first home run trot around the bases, a TBS cameraman followed him down the third base line to home, carrying his camera to track Beltre’s jog.

And then that cameraman absolutely ate it, breaking parts of his camera in the process. Even though he was mere feet from home, Beltre wasn’t about to let the moment pass without a reaction. So he pointed and cracked a smile at the poor bloke laying on the turf. It wasn’t blatantly mean-spirited, which is what makes it a funny moment and not a cruel one:

You know, they say the most difficult thing to do in sports is to hit a baseball. Even those who are great at it only succeed about 30 percent of the time, baseball is a sport of repeated failure, etc. Also, sometimes baseball players fall down while trying to perform basic tasks.

The box score says that Xavier Avery struck out twice in the game, but it does not say that in one of them, Gwinnett’s right fielder tipped backwards and fell down after a defensive swing caused him to lose his balance. He would have gotten away with no one except those in attendance Cheap MLB Jerseys From China knowing of his gravity-based shame, but Micah Johnson had to go and share the video.

Johnson, by the way, was also playing for the Gwinnett Braves, so this means Cheap NBA Jerseys From China he sold out his teammate on Twitter. That’s cold, Micah. Real cold.

Micah keep sharing these videos it’s cool we’re cool I want to see people fall down

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